Big Fish Competition

If you catch a fish on any one of our Adventure Tours that is in season and is of a competitive size it will be weighed and logged into our Daily trip report.

At the end of the season these reports will be reviewed and the largest fish caught by weight will then determine the winner of this competition

The winner will receive a coupon for a free 4 hour Adventure Tour for 2 and will be contacted no later then December 1st via email.

This coupon will only be valid for the following season.

There are no blackout dates but there is limited availability as bookings come in on a regular bases so book your trip sooner then later.

The coupon can be used for 3 people on a 2 hour tour or it can be used to discount longer tours.

You can give this coupon away as a gift

If you book a trip and decide to cancel less then 2 weeks prior to your tour this coupon will no longer be valid

This coupon is only Valid until September 30th 2016

This coupon has no actual cash value

Thanks for your interest and support!