What you should know before you arrive

Client Pre Trip Info         ORA Waiver

Do I get wet?

Well that depends on the Adventure Activities you choose to participate in. If needed ORA can navigate the river and rapids with barely a splash. If you would like to try and stay dry we can do our best to accommodate

How many people can participate?

For the Adventure Zodiac Tour it is up to 4 people or 650 lbs which ever comes first.

Raft Fishing can have up to 6 people with no weight restrictions

Is it scarry?

ORA has the ability to increase the excitement or tone it down. You’re the only group in the boat so we do our best to make the experience what you want it to be.

What should I wear?

Check out the Client Pre Trip info PDF above for a full list of things you should know before you arrive.

How can I pay?

Currently we accept Cash, Email Money Transfers, Credit and Debit Cards